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Seasoned salt

Include the power of (wild)herbs in to your daily nutrion, by manufacturing your own seasoned-salt. To produce your own herbal salt you neither need a lot of ingredients nor a lot of time, in my blog post I show you how I make my own herbal salt and how you can do it too!

For me culinary and wild herbs are an important part in my daily meals, it gives them an aromatic flavor and they make each meal special to me. Unfortunately a lot of herbs, especially wild herbs, aren't available all year round. That's the reason I try to conserve them and a great way to do that is to put them in salt.

For my homemade seasoned salt I use one part herbs and one part salt, this mixture gives it an special aromatic flavor, I don't wanna miss in a single meal. The great thing about producing your own seasoned salt is that you can mix it individually and fit it to your needs an your taste.

Seasoned salt DIY

It's pretty easy to produce your own spicy and aromatic seasoned salt, you can use the herbs you like and them who are availiable in your garden or the meadows . My favorite one is my yearly-seasoned-salt, produced from homegrown and hand picked wild herbs, you can find the recipe and ingredients below.

The Basic Recipe:

  • 50% Salt

  • 50% culinaryund wild herbs

and that's how it works:

  • let your herbs dry gentle, that means put them on a dry frame oder just an a fabric and let them dry in a place protected from sunlgiht. I let them dry for at least 5-7 days but it heavily depents which herb you're drying.

  • put the dry herbs with the salt into an mortar and shear and mix them

  • now your herbal salt is ready to use, just put i in a clean glas and your good to go

If you store your salt it should be protected from sunlight, when it's stored the right way, the aroma and the colour will last longer and stay intense. Your seasones salt is minimum durable for one year.


My yearly-seasoned-salt

My favorite seasoned salt - here I use a big jar and fill it up in layers - one layer salt - one layer herbs. You can also use fresh herbs with this methode, because the salt will conserve the herbs. When the glas is filled, I put everything toghete into an "Thermomix", if you don't have one, you can use an normal blender and mix everything togheter and your salt is ready to use.

In this year, following herbs made their way into my salt

All herbs I used for my yearly-seasoned salt are homegrown or handpicked. I also added one pack of pepper which I mixed with the salt and the herbs, because I love the flavor it adds into the salt.


the camomile-blossoms add an sweet-bitter flavor to the salt. They have an soothing. antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory effect and can help with healing wounds faster.


the allrounder, I use them in nearly every recipe. I harvest the young blossems and also the older ones, because they are a little bit different when it comes to the flavor. The younger ones add an savory and spicy aroma to the salt, when the older ones are a bit bitter in taste.


The flower of love adds an flowery, bitter und sweet flavor to my salt and also an beautiful colour. They have an soothing and uncarmping effect.


The aromatic rosmary leafs bring in an intense, condimental flavor with a accent of resin-scent into the seasoned salt, He also increases you blood circulation, has an warming effect, and helbs your digestion.


i used the blossoms because they add an similar taste to nutmeg to my salt. They also have an blood purifiying, calming and antispasmatic effect perfect for you digestion.


the thyme-leaves bring in an fresh, aromatic and even an sweet taste into the seasoned salt. It has similar benefits than the yarrow-blossoms.

Linden blossoms

it adds an soft, sweet and sensual taste to the salt mixed with an flowery fragnance. They support an healthy immunity, and has camling and relaxing effect.


known as "Maggiekraut", I love the herbal and intense aroma of the herb. That's the reason it don't want to miss it in my seasoned salt, it fits to soups, meat, fish and stews,


The tart-bitter taste of lavender reminds of rosmary, these two togheter add an meditarrian taste to the seasones salt.


the leafes and the blossom have an very intense aromatic and spicy flavour, which i don't wanna miss in a single meal. In addition to that the have an blood cleansing, diuretic and expectorant effect.


the intense and aromatic taste of salvia reminds me of abit of pine and it adds tannins into our salt what gives it an bitter taste. Salvia has an healing effect on out mouth and throat, what makes it an perfect herb to put in seasones salt.


with his herb and sweet-falvored taste it's not missing in a single meal I'm cooking,


More Ideas to make your own seasoned salt:

  • Wildflower-seasoned salt: dandelion, saisy flowers, yarrow, deadnettel, red clover, ground ivy

  • Wild garlic salt: one of my favorites

  • Meditarian seasoned salt: lavender, rosmary, salvia oregano, basil

  • Yellow seasoned salt: sunflower, calendula, sweet clover, goldnettel und goldenrod

  • Red seasoned salt: rose hipes, red clover, nasturtium, poppys, dost


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