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There are a ton of reasons why you should make your own soap, or buy homemade natural soaps. Here are a few of them:

  • Less plastic waste - since it started using my handmade soaps instead of dishsoap, shampoos und showergels, the amount of plastic waste i produce dropped quite a bit

  • handmades soaps a free of chemical and synthetical substances, artificial fragrances, colors and preservatives and also free of mineral oils

  • biodegradable - that's a big benefit of using soaps, especially when you're living in an Camper-Van. You can use handmade soaps at beach-showers and also when you have an camping outside shower

  • the soaps are not tested on animals

  • i do produce my soaps 100% palmoil free

the 4 main ingredients in soap are:

For me it was important, that everyone know what's in my soap, that includes which raw materials are used and where do they come from. That's the reason why I wrote this blog post, because I wanna share as much information as possible and wanna be complet transparent about all ingredients.

1. fatty oil & wax

For the most herbal-soaps i do manufactur, I prepare an oil-extract. That means, I take homegrown or self collected herbs and spices and put them in oil. Normally I will let them sit in the oil for around 6 weeks, during this time a lot of the ingredients und herbal power transfer in to the oil. This herbal oils are the basic of my soaps und they do bring a lot a herbal power into them.


  • it' used to produce a gentle soap, and makes it durable

  • it can be used on every skin type

  • it relieves irritation and is skin caring

  • it makes an creamy foam

  • I purchase my almondoil from wesentlich*, it's my favorite drugstore online.

Caster oil

  • it's an transparent und viscous oil, produced from the seeds of the wondertree

  • it leads the ingredients deeper into the skin and is very skin carring

  • it incloses essential oils

  • also bought from wesentlich*

Olive oil

  • it's an classic ingredient in soaps

  • it has healing, moisturizing and circulation-enhancing effects

  • it makes a very gentle soap

  • it makes creamy and thight foam with small bubbles

  • I buy olive oils in bio-quality in local shops or small farms, where ever I can find them

Coconut oil

  • it makes an strong foam with big bubbles

  • it makes the soap harder

  • it has an cleansing and odor neutralizing effekt

  • because of it's antibactercial effekt, it shouldn't be missing in any soap

  • i purchase the coconut oils also at wesentlich*,

Shea butter

  • it contains a high proportion of non-saponifiable ingredients, which remain in the soap and give her an nourishing effect

  • very moisturizing

  • especially used at stressed, dry and senstive skin

  • also bought at wesentlich*


  • it has a lot of skin care properties

  • it has an anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects

  • it's an natural preservationist

  • it makes a hard and extensively soap

  • I get my beeswax from local beekpers, but you can also order it at wesentlich*

2. Water, Tee and Hydrolat

I mostly use teas as water-basic for my soaps, to get extra herbal power in them but also to dye them in a natural way. Because I don't use any chemical substances in my soaps, dying with herbal-tees is a great alternative to get some colors in them without using any artificially colors.

I own a small copper-destille where I can make my own hydrolat - a herbal-water. For those how don't know what an hydrolat is - it is the byproduct of manufacture essential oils - mostly known is rosewater.

3. NaOH

Mostly known as caustic soda. But how can it be a natural soap if there's is NaOH in it? - without the Naoh we would only have oils and wax. In a chemical process the NaOH and the fatty acid from the oils will convert into soap an gylcerin. When the saponification process and the ripening time ist finish, the NaOH isn't left in the soap.

4. essential oils, colours and other additives like herbs, peelings, etc.

Most of the soaps you will find in drugstores or other shops are produced industrial, when you smell an them you will have an very intensive odor. Responsible for this odor are mostly artificially fragrances. For my soaps i only use 100% natural essential oils, which I also buy from wesentlich*. That's the reasons my soaps don't have such an intensive scent, but while your using them the cells will break up and unlock the scent of the essential oils.

Instead of artificiall colors I only dye with natural ingredients like tea, activated carbon, turmeric or healing earth - everything 100% NATURAL.

For an Peeling-Effekt or decorative purposes I use plant parts like lavender flowers, calendula flowers, dried lemons, oranges or poppy seads. There are so much things you can use in soaps, so your creativity knows no limits when i comes to use natural ingredients in soaps.

Storage of you natural soap

When it comes to storing your soaps, there are just a few things you need to know. You should always store them in an airy and dry place, if possible proteced from light.

After using your soap you should pay attention that it's protected from water. I always use a soap dish where i can place my soap, so it can completely dry out.

If you handle your soap right, i will maintain it's quality and will last longer.

The soaps are durable for around an year.

My soaps

Deep Cleanse

  • Basic recipe as described above

  • fot the colour I used actived carbon

  • for an peeling-effect there are poppy seeds in the soap

  • the tea tree essential oil supports the the cleansing and antibakterial effect of the soap and the other ingredients


  • Basic recipe as described above

  • i used turmeric for the orange colour

  • for decoration purposes i addes Calendula flowers and an dries orange

  • i used orange and forest pine essential oils for the fragnance

Sandelholz - Aktivkohle

  • Basic recipe as desricbed above

  • for the colours I use healing earth, espacially for skin

  • for decoration purposes I added juniper-berrys an top

  • for the fragnance I used sandalwood essential oil


  • Basic recipe as desricbed above

  • for decoration purposes I added Lavender-flowers and dried lemons

  • to go with it the fragnances I choose are lemon and lavender

Kräuter Seife

  • Basic Recipe as desricbed above

  • as basic for the soap I used an peppermint-lemon balm tee, it brings in postive herbal effects and the colour

  • I used an mix of peppermint, rosmary und thyme essential oil.


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