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Raw materials

Where do you get all the raw materials to produce your own herbal products?

Most of the ingredients are easy to find in drug stores, reform houses and on local markets.  My favourite online durg store is wesentlich* , it' s an drug store from germany and "wesentlich" means essential. They sell high quality raw materials, and a lot of tools and glassware all fairly priced.

With my coupon code 'cremedelacreme' you get 5€ discount on you first order over 40€.

fatty oils

in high qualit and cruelty free

Butter & Fats

to give texture & also cruelty free


Beeswax but also vegan alternatives

essential oils

100% natural essential oils



destilled plant



I always use glas - no plastiv


everything you need to manufacture

Room scent

for a nice scent in your home

Most of the herbs, spices and resin I use for my products are home grown or self collected. 

For a few herbs or resins it's just not possible to collect them in the area I live or i travell. That's the reason why I was searching for an Online-Shop where you can buy 100% biological grown herbs and i found i Kräuterkontor*. They sell biological grown herbs a lot of them are actually wild harvested which is just awesome!


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biological grown and even wild collected


For amazing, natural food


The Gold of the trees

essential oils

The essence of


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*all links marked with an * are affiliate-links - that means, when you click on the link an buy something, i will get a small share from it - you don't have to pay more! It's just a way to support me, because all information on my blog and my website are for free.

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