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You wanna learn more about

Medicinal herbs & natural cosmetics

You've found to the right place - welcome to Creme de la creme

My name is Anna, im 28 years old and in the middle of my studies to become an cerified herbalist. Here on my Website I take you with me an my journy to discover the world auf healing herbs and wild flowers.


nice to welcome you here on my site!

Follow me on the jouney and dive into the mystic world of wild flowers and healing herbs with me. Together, we'll explore the power of plants and how they can be used to support our health and wellbeing. I started my blog so I can share different recipes, herbs. spices and flowers with their medicinal benefits besides introducing different raw materials we can use to capture the strenght of herbs.

Here on my website I wanna share my experiences and know-how about herbalism, because I think it's an amazing tool to support our physcial and pyschological well-being. I think herbalism should be accessable for everyone and I wanna support people to become their own self-healers. You will often find my with my collect basket wandering/wondering across meadows and through forests, every where my curiosity brings me. So if you spot me somewhere feel free to join me on my hunting for wild-medicinal herbs.

Recipies, DIYs, Information about medicinal herbs.


an important basic to produce your own herbal-medicine are:

Raw Materials

Knowledge is the most important basic, I do learn a lot during my education, supported with different books


Frau mit Locken über einem Buch am schreieben
Buch mit getrockneter Blüte
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Hi! I'm Anna

Herbalist in training

I'm 28 years old, from Vorarlberg (Austria). After years of curiosity and practice I decided to take the plunge and started the training to become a certified herbalist. I will take you with me on this exciting journey and share my knowledge here an my website, but also offline where ever I find people who want to discover herbalism.

What is an Oxymel?


It's an natural restorative with an long history.

Ever since the antiquity, the tincture made of vinegar and honey was used for different kinds of illnesses. This simple and unique herbal-medicin has fallen into oblivion, but it has his come-back and had become an healthy and sustainable Trend in the last two years. An amazing trend you should follow for sure!

It's pretty easy to manufacture your own Oxymel, it doesn't need much efford nor a lot of ingredients. Sign in for my Newsletter and I will send you an script where I put togheter all important informations about the vinegar-honey tincture and how to make your first own Oxymel.

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Thanks for your interest.

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