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Herbal Tea - Menses

Wild- and healing herbs support our mental an physical well being and can help with supporting your body to deal with all different kinds of illnesses. I created a special tea blend which supports your body dealing with your special days in the month. I do suffer from a pretty have PMS with a lot of cramping, diarrhea and back pain besides feeling exhausted. That's the reason I always tried different things that could help me, this tea-blending helps me with all the symptoms and reduce them. ATTENTION: Every body is different, where are all individuals, so what works for me doesn't have to work for you, but I would be more than happy to help you with my tea blend. Except from licorice root all herbs are hand picked and some of them are even self grown.

In this blog post i share with you the recipe for my herbal tea blend "MENSES" and I explain some tipps and tricks how to prepare your herbal-healing tea, to get the most out of the inculded ingredients.

Overall view from this blog post:


For an avarge adult I use the "3-finger-methode" for dosageing, which means I take my thumb, forefinger and middle finger to grab into my tea-bag, everything that fits in between these fingers is a great dosage for one cup of tea. It's pretty equal to one tablespoon. The dosage depends on different factors for example age, gender and the nature of your body aswell as your taste.

For kids under 14 years you will go with half of the dosage and childern under 8 years 1/2 oder 1/4 dosage. It's very important to see each person as an individual, so what's working for me isn't automatically working for you - so find your own way. The tea is just supporting your body with dealing with a cold and doesn't replace a visit from a doctor.


Ther are a few different ways to prepare tea, I will explain you the two of them I use - infuse and cold water approach. It depends on the complaints you have and on your own preference if your using warm or cold tea. Sometimes it also depends on the weather, when it's 30°+ I love to drink an homemade iced tea instead of an hot tea, I show you my recpice for an iced tea bellow.

Methode 1 : INFUS

For this methode you boil water and let it cool down to around 80°C before putting the tea blend in. The reason for cooling down is that you protect the ingredients so you have as much herbal power in your tea as possible. Put the herbs inside loose, so they can unfold their whole power and let them steep for 7-10 minutes. During the steeping process, the tea should be covered up, to keep the essential oils inside, otherwise they will evaporate to the air.


This methode is perfect as an basic for an homemade icedtea, you put the tea blend into cold water and let it sit for around 2 hours. After this you strain your cold-brew tea, add slices of oranges or lemons, you can also add a bit of honey (it has antibacterial effects) as an sweetener, mix everything, put ice in, and your homemade herbal icedtea is ready to enjoy it.

If your haveing a cold you should drink around 3 cups of tea during the day, sip by sip. It's also possible to make a cure with this the for 28 days just have an cup of the in the morning and befor going to sleep.

The 5 herbs of my herbal tea blend "Menses"


  • Lavender is an real all-rounder and your body will place it where you need it

  • it has an antiinflammatory and anti-carmping effect, which I don't wanna miss in my menses tea blend

  • it also has an calming effect on body and soul, which helps with an healthy and relaxing sleep as well as it calms down your mind.


  • camomile is an classic herb used for PMS, I use it since my first ever period and camomile tea is one of my favorite teas

  • the blossoms of camomile have an relaxing and anti cramping effectm which really helps me with my PMS-Syndroms

  • it helps to relieve stress, worries and mood swings

  • they also support an healthy and balanced sleep


  • with cold-symptomes licorice root have an expectorant and sputum-promoting effect

  • it's also a natural sweetener, mostly know for producing licorice, I love to use it in tea, because I don't need an extra sweetener

  • it helps with cramping and supports acid secretion, which functions as mucous membrane protection


  • Artemisia can encourage your menstrual bleeding, which helps when your missing you period or have a pretty weak bleeding. It also help me that my menstrual bleeding doesn't last that long

  • at the same time it has an anti cramping effect, which really helps with a painfull menses

  • it also helps producing stomach acid, which supports an healthy digestion


  • the dried orange slices made their way into my tea blend, because they add an refreshing taste to my tea.

  • They have a lot of Vitamin C in it, which supports an healthy immune system, which is a good thing, because immunity can really drop during menstrual bleeding

My recipe for download

How to create your own herbal tea blend

There are a lot of benefits by creating your own herbal tea blend, besides learing a lot of herbs and your own body, you can fit it to your needs and to your taste. By manufacturing your own blend you can vary the amount of each herb, if you don't like the taste of one of the herbs you can just miss it out or replace it with another one. You can let your creativity run wild!

I collect most of the herbs by myself, and there are a few rules you should follow when collecting wild herbs, I wrote an blog post about that, there you can find all the important information:

When you're not feeling safe with collecting your own own herbs or you just can't find the time to do that, you can visit "Kräuterkontor" one of my favorite herbal stores online. They do sell herbs in bio-quality, some of them even from wild-collecting, just click on the picture bellow and you will get to their homepage*.


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*all Links marked with a start, are Affialiate Links, that means if you click on it an buy something in the online-store, I will get a small share from your order, you won't pay an higher price! It's just to support me, because all my Blog-Post are for free and that's a way I can earn a bit of monay out of it.

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